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If you were considering purchasing Puzzle Coins from Jigsaw World, but weren't sure for whatever reason, here are some emails we have received from genuine satisfied customers who support Jigsaw World:
Sorry This has taken me so long to reply. Oops! I was very satisfied with the purchase i made of puzzle coins. If you take a look at what a person pays for ONE puzzle it is usually around $15-$20. For $10 I got 150 puzzles which to me is a pretty good deal. Since you sent me this e-mail I have bought again and will probably consider doing so in the future. God bless and have a great day!
Rheta Funkner

Hello, Yes, I received the coins and was able to buy more puzzles. I love the puzzles and enjoy playing. I believe the coins are priced just right. Thank you!
Krista Valentine

I did buy coins as I think they are very reasonably priced - having played a few games on facebook this is one of the few games that I did buy game money for and the reason was the price of them - too many games are way too highly priced :( Thank you for a lovely game Im totally addicted lol

i did buy coins. and yes i am happy with my purchase. i am a puzzle freak! i do alot of jigsaw puzzles at home and i really enjoy your site because its alot easier to do them on line. i would consider buying more coins in the future when the need arises. thanks and keep up the good work.
Cheri Twenty

Hi Greg, yes, i did buy coins & i felt i got value for money. i might consider buying again, but i would be more likely to if there was a promotion on the purchase (% discount or free puzzles if i spent a certain amount etc). hope this helps & keep up the good work as i love the game.
Sam Sampson

first click was to investigate. Second click i bought. Went through quick and easy. no troubles what so ever.
Judith Cartier

Hi, I did buy more coins and if need be, would do it again. I enjoy the puzzles and have my husband addicted too.
Amanda Denman

I was sooo happy when I found your jogsaw site!! I absolutely love it!! I think your prices are very resonable. The only thing that bothers me a little are some of them are so dark, or so dark and near the same colors!!!! But I save these till last!! Thank you for your site. I'm 63 yrs old and the games give me something to do. So again thank you very much. Sincerely Betty Conroy
Betty Conroy

Hi Greg, I did purchase some coins.... it was very easy and the price is good. i will probably buy some more. However, it would be fun if we can rotate the pieces when playing. It would be alot harder.... just a thought..... Keep up the good work!
Pat D

I bought the coins, U need to develop more puzzeles as I have purchassed all U had , I love Jigsaw World

I did buy coins and I thought the amount given for the price was great. I really enjoy jigsaw world.
Bonnie Shinn

Hi Greg, Yes I did buy coins, I ran out of puzzles and didn't have enough coins to buy more and it would have taken about 10 days of logging in to earn enough to buy more puzzles, yes I am happy with the purchase, it gave me 3000 coins to buy more puzzles and this should keep me going for awhile. I feel they are not too expensive, but it would depend on my finances as to whether or not I would buy again.
Karen Kaz Atkins

I did buy coins and am pleased with the purchase and I will buy again. Thank You.
Marlene Stewart

I did buy coins. The coins are reasonable and I'm enjoying jigsaw world very much!
Vessie Richardson

I bought $20 worth of coins. I as in full screen mode and needed to change to the small screen. I didn't have any problems nor did I feel the price was too high. I enjoy the puzzles very much. Thanks
Linda S Flowers

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